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The Snapbooks Story


My name is Ronnie Wambles. I was born and raised in Florida. In fact, I lived there all my life until relocating to North Carolina in 2017.


After receiving a bachelor degree from Florida State University, I spent about 15 years in administrative and project management. I developed a deep understanding and love for project management, client relationships, and team building.


I accepted an offer to work at a CPA office developing innovative, virtual accounting systems using the newer cloud-based technologies available. It was a great opportunity to use the experience and knowledge I acquired to help business owners gain control over their business finances.


I loved building those relationships and helping people succeed.

After realizing there was a tremendous opportunity out there to help people even more, I decided to start my own business. Snapbooks was born in 2016.

One of my first clients was a small church in central Florida. They were in quite a mess. Payroll taxes hadn’t been filed or paid in months. Bills were overdue. The finances were in disarray. The church leaders were stressed.

It wasn’t long before we got them back on track and relieved them of all the frustrations and worry. And I’m happy to say they are still with us today. I truly value being part of their team and the relationship that we have together. If you’d like to see their testimonials, click here.

During that time, I also worked with businesses (I still do a little). But I felt God calling me to focus on churches. I realized that church accounting and payroll is unique. Actually, it can be more complicated than corporate accounting.

Yet, most churches lack the expertise to handle their money in a safe, secure, and compliant way. I found that I could take the burden of time, money, and worry away from pastors and church leaders by taking care of the finances for them. Plus, I love being a part of each church’s team and building those relationships.

Now, as an outsourced church accounting specialist, I get to be their partner... an integral part their team.

What a blessing it has been! My work has become a mission, not just a job.

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