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Client Testimonials

Dr. Robert Weikart, lead pastor

"When we lost the bookkeeper we had for our church, we contacted Ronnie Wambles at Snapbooks. He has been excellent in helping us straighten out our church finances and we contracted for 40% less than our last accountant. Our church secretary emails him or phones him with any questions. He made it as simple as he could for her by installing his own scanner and she simply scans him all the paperwork he needs. He is very prompt in responding and very helpful in all our endeavors. He has always been very professional and knowledgeable. My only regret is that we did not find Snapbooks earlier."

Cindy, church secretary

"We were having difficulties with our current bookkeeper who had been with us for years. Bills were coming in with late notices and finance charges. Then we found out payroll taxes hadn't been filed or paid in months. But Ronnie came to the rescue!

Ronnie was available any time I needed him. With his scanner right beside my desk, the bills were approved and paid like magic. He was very professional but personal at the same time. It's a pleasure to work with him.

We knew right away we had nothing to worry about with Ronnie. He would explain what he was doing, making it easy for a person to understand. He even created new reports for our church council that were to the point to answer all their questions.

We are very happy with Snapbooks and will remain with Ronnie Wambles as long as he'll have us. I recommend him to any company or church looking for an honest bookkeeper."

Patty B., business owner

"Prior to working with Ronnie at Snapbooks, our previous bookkeeper had not kept up with the taxes and bill paying. We had incurred many late fees and penalties. It was frustrating to find all the mistakes and errors that had been made. We were very worried about what could happen to our business.

Bookkeeping is not my expertise so I need someone I can trust. Once Ronnie took over he straightened out our books, got our taxes paid up to date and continues to maintain our books so we can concentrate on running the business.

Ronnie has worked on issues that really were out of the realm of bookkeeping but still found the answers and has helped us out on so many issues. He has a lot of experience in organizational leadership and management and we regularly ask for his guidance.

Since Ronnie has taken over our books, I don't have to worry about that end of the business. He keeps us up to date on the P&L statements and all our accounts.

Most importantly, he has been able to save our business over $700 per month on accounting costs. He works with us on a budget and shows us where we can save money and cut costs.

If I don't know what to do I call Ronnie at Snapbooks!"

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