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  • Ronnie Wambles

Why I Write This Blog and Why You Should Read It

Hey there!

Are you a minister, pastor, or leader in your church? If so, this blog is for you!

It’s free! So I promise you’ll get back more than you paid!

Okay, enough exclamation points! (oops)

Give me just a few moment or two to share with you a little about me and why I’m writing this blog.

I’ve worked with churches and small businesses for several years now. Not long ago, I felt called to narrow my focus to working with only churches. It’s been a really cool experience for me and I’ve learned a ton.

During this time, I came to realize that churches making a lot of mistakes. And these mistakes make churches very vulnerable. These common mistakes lead to problems with:

  • Fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Waste

  • IRS fines and penalties

  • And more

The truth is that these churches want to do things right. They want to follow the law. They want to protect their resources and people. But the legal, ethical, and moral requirements for running church are vast and ever-changing.

As a pastor, you were called to help win souls for Christ and shepherd your flock. Seminary does a great job teaching you how to study scripture and teach it, but most don’t teach you how to run a business and manage a workforce.

But that’s what it takes to oversee a church. You have to take care of the business and the people.

This is why I decided to write this blog.

I want to provide you with guidance on many of these topics that aren’t addressed in seminary. I want pastors to be able to focus on their calling rather than studying the latest IRS articles and trying to apply them to their church.

You see, I already do that every day. Why should you do it, too?

So, let me ask you a few questions…

Do you want to know that your church is doing things the right way?

Do you want to protect your church and its staff?

Do you want to be a better steward of the resources God has provided?

Do you want to be a better leader of your staff and create a positive culture?

Would you like to learn all of this in short, easy-to-read articles?

Would you like to get all of this for free?

If you said “yes” to all of these, then stick around.

In Your Service,

Ronnie Wambles

Founder of Snapbooks (Outsourced Church Bookkeeping)

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