Pricing for Accounting Solutions - small business


All businesses are different.  Snapbooks offers an array of services tailored to your needs and priced accordingly. Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the business.  The profiles below represent several types of businesses. Chances are you fall somewhere in between.
Mechanic accounting prices

One-man Auto Shop Owner

Victor worked for a big name auto shop for over ten years before deciding he wanted to be his own boss last year.  He dreams of operating from a larger garage and adding more mechanics in the near future.


Snapbooks takes care of his bookkeeping and keeps him up to date on his financials with monthly reports allowing Victor to focus on growing his customer base while fixing cars.


He has one checking account and a credit card.

Store owner accounting solutions

Specialty Cakes Store Owner

Sarah started baking cakes in her home kitchen for family birthday parties and fundraisers. She had so many requests she realized this could be a business. Now she has 5 employees and a dozen ovens in her storefront.


Snapbooks manages her payroll, pays the bills, and keeps the books for her so she can greet customers and create more magic in the kitchen.


She has a checking account, savings account, and two credit cards.

Small business owner accounting pricing

Dry Cleaners Owner

Mike took over his dad's dry cleaning business and it's four locations a couple of years ago.


Snapbooks helped him modernize the business to accept debit and credit cards, automate payroll and scheduling for his 20+ employees, pay the bills for all facilities, keep the books, and provide detailed analysis and custom reports. Now Mike can analyze the profitability of each location.


He has several business accounts and multiple employees with credit cards.