Payroll - small business


We know that payroll is the most important aspect of your business to get right and on time.  We'll make sure that happens while making it easier for you.
As automated as you want it.

For hourly employees, enter hours yourself or choose a virtual time clock option.  Salaried employees can be place on autopilot. New employees on-board themselves.

Schedule or approve from anywhere.

Smart software makes scheduling employees fast and easy.  Payroll can be reviewed and approved from your couch, the beach, or even your favorite fishing hole.

Never file forms or pay taxes yourself again.

We'll take care of all state and federal forms and taxes (with your money, of course).  You don't ever have to see another Form 940, Form 941, W-2, or 1099.  Automated new hire reporting to the government.

Direct Deposit comes standard

Yes, direct deposit comes standard but you can still print checks if you want to.

More benefits if you need them.

Would you like to offer health benefits, 401(k), or worker's comp?  Those and more are available through our payroll platform.